Athenaeum Light 7

Athenaeum Light is a simple yet powerful library management tool for schools, small and medium sized businesses, church groups and other organisations. Athenaeum has been available since 1996 and is a mature and well developed solution.

Athenaeum Light 7.0v4 is now available for download.

The passwords for Athenaeum Light are included with the download and have changed since earlier versions of Athenaeum Light.

You can download the following 60 day trial versions of Athenaeum Light 7 from the Downloads page:

Click to go to the Athenaeum Downloads page

The documentation is included in the download as a tutorial and is a .pdf document.

The older version is available for a while for older operating systems.

New features

Jump to the New features page to see a quick list of the many new features in Athenaeum Light 7.

new features list

Almost free

For years, we have provided Athenaeum Light for free, along with email support for the product.

We are now charging a small fee for Athenaeum Light (USD25) to recoup some of our investment. We think it hard for you to find a product so easy to get going with, with so many features for such a small charge.


Purchases are only available via the web-store and are available in a number of currencies.

Click here to purchase directly with the secure eSellerate on-line store.

That fee is a single charge per library per site. That means if you have a school with one library, you pay a single fee regardless of the number of students. If you have offices distributed in 5 cities with 5 libraries, you have 5 fees. If you have a school district, then the fee is per school library, not per district.

Purchasing Atheneaum in New Zealand

New Zealand educational organisations can purchase directly from SumWare Consulting rather than via the web store, if they choose. Also, we can supply FileMaker Pro at special educational pricing. Apologies, but this special pricing for FileMaker Pro is not available outside New Zealand educational institutions.

This page has the details.

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